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budget weddings on the blog

Firstly, let me show you some links to budget weddings on the blog, i want to do this so you can see for yourself you can have a gorgeous budget wedding… ♥ One of my favourite weddings i have featured on {www} was Gemma and Dan’s DIY homespun farm wedding,...

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flowers and bouquets

brides and bridesmaids In this modern age, there are no hard and fast rules about what brides should adhere to when it comes to their wedding flowers. Bouquets now come in a multitude of colours and flowers which help to reflect a woman's style and personality.Remember...

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Making Bridesmaid Gifts Extra Special

When you choose a personalized tote bag as a bridesmaids gift then you may think that it needs something else to really make it a great gift. Sure, opening up a personalized tote bag is great, but if the bag were filled with necessary items for the wedding...

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Four Ways to Treat your Bridesmaids

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, your bridesmaids will be your main support system. They’ll help you make favors, dress shop, and more, often dealing with your bridezilla-prone stressful moods. Why not do something nice for the ladies who are...

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Top Best Prom Colors

Based on a body shape of a person, there are certain styles that can either flatter it, or hinder it. The style cut of the dress is necessary to determine how it will accentuate and compliment your frame. Similarly, depending on the color of the dress,...

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Fashionable Korean wedding photos(2)

Korean wedding style: 1 classic traditional style: the bedroom is more complex, emphasizing the characters in light of the stereo feeling. Model and the scene is very concise 2 fashion and restoring ancient style: bold attempt contrast, various seemingly...

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