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Three Oklahoma pastry artists proved they are top-tier cake designers by making what Brides magazine deemed America’s Most Beautiful Cakes.
The September issue featured 24 gorgeous cakes by designers from across the country, including cakes by Kerry Vincent and Jennifer Jones of Tulsa and Kim Payne of Cheyenne.
“I am excited that three out of 24 are from Oklahoma,” said Vincent, Food Network star and founder of the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. “That is a pretty good percentage.”
Vincent said that in 2005 she helped persuade Brides magazine bridal style editor, Maria McBride, to expand the search nationwide rather than just looking in the New York area for the best cakes. That way, brides who live in other regions might have a chance at purchasing them.
“She has been open to everybody being involved and it becoming a national search, rather than a regional or state kind of thing,” Vincent said.
The editors of Brides received hundreds of design submissions and narrowed them down to a competitive 200, Vincent said. The list was then narrowed to 50 pastry artists who brought their cakes to New York in May – still unaware whether they would make the final list.
Vincent drove her cake all the way to New York for the photo shoot. Vincent designed a hand-painted fondant cake inspired by snakeskin, pearls and lace.
“I thought if I could marry those things together, I would come up with a great design,” Vincent said.
Vincent said that she was thrilled to receive a message from McBride describing her cake as a “personal favorite of Brides editors … sexy, fashionable and clever but most importantly it was meticulous.”
McBride also said that her cake design was “proof that the judge gives as good as she expects!” referring to Vincent’s work as a judge on “Food Network Challenge.”
Both Payne and Jones used a packing system that Payne designed to fly their cakes to New York on a wing and a prayer. Both cakes arrived intact.
“We were very pleased that neither one had any damage,” Jones said.
Jones designed a blush-pink fondant cake with paper-wafer flowers. She said that she gained a lot of inspiration from looking at wedding dresses and bridal magazines.
Jones creates customs cakes from her business, Icing on the Top, in downtown Tulsa.
“I hope this brings more attention to Tulsa,” Jones said, referring to the Brides magazine article. “The fact that three of the cakes are from here is wonderful.”
Payne is a third-generation cake baker.
“My grandmother made wedding cakes, and I grew up watching her. I received some of her cast-off supplies, and, by the time I was a teenager, I was making cakes year after year,” Payne said.
She started Wedding Cakes by Kim Payne in the late 1990s. The cake she made for Brides was inspired by a handbag and a wedding gown with pearl-studded blooms.
Like Jones and Vincent, Payne was thrilled to represent Oklahoma on a national level, she said.
“It seems like people think this type thing happens in New York or California, not the small little town like I am from,” Payne said.
Jones, Payne and Vincent have all designed cakes previously that were named top designs by Brides magazine.
Vincent explained that all show cakes and those for publishing are made of foam, but they must be in shapes that replicate real cake pans in the marketplace so if they are ordered by other bakers the design can be replicated.

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