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Nowadays fashion designers advise us to accessorize as much as possible our outfits. And, we totally agree with them, because by adding an elegant band or ribbon, or some rhinestones or beads, our apparel instantly acquires a modern, sexy and luxurious touch. Also, because you want to have a trendy wedding ceremony, we recommend you to choose carefully your bridesmaids’ dresses and to accessorize them with black details.

And, speaking about ribbons, we absolutely love the way in which they achieve to complete an outfit, in a feminine and delicate manner, making your bridesmaids look luxurious and glamorous. Don’t worry, your bridesmaids won’t look more sophisticated than you, they will just adopt a trendy look which will advantage them and at the same time will help at creating a beautiful wedding background.

However, if ribbons are too delicate and child-like for you, then go ahead and choose to accessorize this dress with a simple, black belt which is ingeniously attached to your dress.

Even if this belt has no flowers, beads or other feminine details, it helps at creating a serious and elegant look, which will surely advantage a lady who is aware of her beautiful traits.

But, if you are not yet satisfied with this belt, considering that it is too simple, than it means that you are that type of bride, who wants her bridesmaids to display feminine accessories. Well, if that is the case, then you should pick a belt with a floral appliqué. This elegant accessory will emphasize your bridesmaids’ waist and besides that it is appropriate for a themed wedding and to be more exact, for a floral wedding ceremony.  Therefore, choose to embellish your bridesmaids’ apparel with a floral appliqué, if you believe that this will be the best choice for them.

In the end, you should allow your bridesmaids to be trendy, elegant and feminine, by accessorizing their dresses with the suitable details.

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