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Wedding anniversary gift ideas:

There is a tradition to celebrate the birthdays of the families all over the world but not everyone knows the names of the different wedding anniversaries as well as the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. It is also very important to select the right wedding party gifts. You should choose or create something really original, simple and impressive at the same time. It is not an easy task but if you try, you will definitely succeed. The information below will help you to get familiar with the different anniversaries in chronological order as well as the different wedding anniversary gifts

The Green wedding anniversary is the wedding day itself and the following year after that. It has to be celebrated every month (on the day of the wedding). The green color symbolizes the youth of the alliance of the couple, the beginning of the marriage. On that day it is a tradition to give presents such as flowers, a tree or an exotic houseplant that will grow and flourish together with the family. You can also give the married couple chocolates, wine, champagne, or simply other green things.

  • 1st wedding anniversary gifts – it is called different in different countries but the most popular names are cotton, calico, flour etc. After a year of marriage, the love has not lost its bright colors, but the relationship is still very fragile and it can be easily destroyed like flimsy cotton. The wedding gift ideas include any type of clothes, bed-clothes, blankets, table-cloths, towels as well as golden jewelry.
  • 2nd wedding anniversary gifts– there are many interesting rituals and traditions in the world connected with the paper weddings. Original paper wedding ceremonies are held in the East. Some ritual dances in paper clothes that exist in some provinces of China, are an unforgettable sight. In Byzantium, for this anniversary the husband and wife made paper dolls where they hid letters describing their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the celebration party the letters were to be read and discussed with the guests. In Greece and Hungary, on the paper anniversary, they repeat the “money dance” from the wedding day. Of course, this wedding anniversary gifts are to be paper gifts but glass is also acceptable as well as garnet jewelry. In Japan, the creative imagination of the Japanese masters of origami is really inexhaustible – some of their animal figures, flowers, birds, people are real works of art. The graceful origami figures are symbolic and extremely creative wedding gifts.
  • 3rd wedding anniversary gifts– it is called leather anniversary and it is believed that all “paper” difficulties are behind the couple and they have learned to get along with each other and be flexible. The leather symbolizes this flexibility. Some personalized wedding gifts (with the names of the couple and wedding date) would be a nice touch. The traditional ones include leather gloves, leather bags, purses, wallets etc. Pearl jewelry is also accepted.
  • 4th wedding anniversary gifts– this is called linen, silk, wax, fruit anniversary. This is the first of the anniversaries of material rather than spiritual significance. Friends and relatives can make gifts such as bed linen, towels, linen table cloths, napkins. Linen products are very strong and the couple can use them for a very long time. Blue topaz jewelry is also acceptable.
  • 5th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called wooden anniversary. This is the first of the anniversaries named after a solid material. It symbolizes unity with nature, durability and stability. Unique wedding gifts made of wood are preferable such as chairs, tables, shelves, boxes, photo frames, souvenirs as well as sapphire jewelry.
  • 6th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called iron, candy anniversary and it is the first anniversary named after a metal. Wedding anniversary gift ideas include iron lattices, plates with ornaments, vases, candlesticks as well as statues, boxes and writing sets made of iron.
  • 7th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called copper and wool anniversary. Copper symbolizes the strength of the alliance and prosperity of the family, and wool – the softness of the relation. A very suitable gift for the seventh wedding anniversary is a copper horseshoe as a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Copper necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, coins etc. are used for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.
  • 8th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called bronze, tin anniversary. Gifts should include products of tin – household appliances, candy tins, figurines, souvenirs etc. Associative gift for a wedding tin can also be anything that symbolizes a renewal of the family hearth and home such as new furniture, household appliances and even repair of the flat.
  • 9th wedding anniversary gifts- it is called pottery, crystal, china anniversary. The wedding anniversary gifts may include crystal or pottery such as cups, saucers, plates, and different sets.
  • 10th wedding anniversary gifts – it is called pink, lead, aluminum or amber anniversary. According to the tradition, the couple and the guests are to wear pink clothes. The gifts should include roses since roses are symbol of love, passion, adoration and worship of beauty.
  • 11th wedding anniversary gifts – it is called steel anniversary. The traditional gifts are souvenirs made of steel as well as different electric power tools.
  • 12th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called silk, nickel and the traditional gifts include silk and linen robes, shirts, dresses, lingerie, tablecloths, bed linen etc, as well as pearl jewelry.
  • 13th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called lace, wool and the usual gifts include objects of lace as well as Citrine, Moonstone and Malachite jewelry. Hollyhocks are the right flowers.
  • 14th wedding anniversary gifts- it is called ivory, agate anniversary. The most popular gifts are products made of imitation ivory as well as gold jewelry.
  • 15th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called crystal and the spouses are given crystal objects in order to make sure that the relationships between spouses will be as bright and shiny as crystal.
  • 20th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called China, Platinum anniversary and the gifts include objects made from platinum and china as well as emerald jewelry. The flowers associated with this anniversary are Day Lilies.
  • 25th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called silver wedding anniversary and it is perhaps the most gorgeous wedding anniversary. Of course, the gifts should be silver bracelets as a symbol of affection, silver pins as a symbol of attachment and cordiality, silver rings as a symbol of love, clocks as a symbol of time the couple spent together, statuettes, souvenirs etc. The flowers are Iris.
  • 30th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called pearl wedding anniversary. The pearl anniversary symbolizes that the 30 years of married life were like a string of pearls. The gifts are usually pearl jewelry such as necklaces, chains, rings, hairpins etc. The right flower is the Sweet Pea.
  • 35th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called coral, jade anniversary and the gifts include coral or jade jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, pins, rings or other gifts based on coral.
  • 40th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called ruby wedding anniversary and the gifts should be ruby jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, necklaces, pendants etc. Rubies can be used to decorate paperweight, jewelry boxes, vases, bowls, vases, cigarette cases, clocks, boxes, hairpins, tie pins, ashtrays, candlesticks etc. The right flower is Nasturtium.
  • 50th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called golden wedding anniversary and the couple is given gold jewelry. A possible gift also is a gift associated with the symbolic number 50 such as 50 roses, 50 yellow apples or oranges. The right flowers are violets.
  • 55th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called emerald and the gifts are to be emerald or alexandrite jewelry. Emerald is a symbol of life, harmony, immortality and youth. People who kept their feelings for such a long period are forever young.
  • 60th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called brilliant, diamond, golden anniversary and the traditional gifts are diamond, gold jewelry. New golden rings also will be a very nice present. The couple lived together for 60 years and withstood the storms of life like a diamond. This means that no one and nothing can destroy such a marriage.
  • 70th wedding anniversary gifts- it is called platinum as well as blessed anniversary and the traditional gifts are diamond and platinum jewelry. Actually, for this and the following anniversaries the presents are not that important since these anniversaries are really a very serious and great achievement. Blessed are those who survive to that anniversary.
  • 75th wedding anniversary gifts– it is called Diamond, Crown wedding anniversary and the traditional gifts are diamond jewelry, gold, family photos but probably the best gift will be your love and appreciation. This is the time the married couple can enjoy the attention of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and celebrate their love and long life together.

The wedding anniversaries are probably the most significant and joyful events for the married couples. Each anniversary symbolizes a new stage of the relationships between the spouses. And no wonder, they make us respect and admire the people who lived in love and harmony for many years. And then we all understand that the affection sent from heaven is a grace and true happiness. It is a celebration, a glory, and a triumph of love!

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