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We recently surveyed more than 21,000 recent brides to get real reviews on the top wedding vendors and venues across the country. The Knot Best of Weddings magazine is a compilation of these results. It's your one-stop planning guide chock full of real brides' reviews and insider tips. And now that the results are out, we're here to tackle your biggest questions (what does that check mark mean again?). Read on to find out.



Q: Who was invited to participate in the survey? 

A: This survey was a partnership between and In order to receive an invitation to participate, members had to meet the following criteria:

Registered on either site as of September 2007,

Got married on or before September 30, 2007, and

Opted-in to receive communications from either site. Those members who participated in last year's survey were not invited to participate in this year's study.

Q: Who conducted the survey? 

A: Harris Interactive, a well-respected third-party research firm, worked with us to create this survey. For more information on Harris Interactive, please visit 


Q: Was the survey conducted the same way as last year? 

A: Yes; however there were some refinements on the results. Based on the data that was received, some markets or categories may have fluctuated in length. But the same general procedure and selection process was adhered to this year. 


Q: How did brides rate the vendors? 

A: Brides were able to select their wedding service providers from a drop-down supplied list or they could write in the name, based on the geographic location of the vendors they used. Brides could then rate those vendors both overall and by certain attributes. Additionally, brides were encouraged to include specific comments about each of their vendors. 


Q: Do you have to be an advertiser to be rated? 

A: No. Our drop-down list of vendors is a comprehensive list of wedding vendors throughout the US. However, brides also had the opportunity to write in the names of any vendors they used that were not featured on the list. 


Q: How were the rankings determined? 

A:The survey results supplied us with an average score for every vendor. Obviously, the highest ranked vendors were those that were selected to run in the magazine and stars were assigned based on their score. 


Q: What's an editor's pick? 

A: It's simply that. We tossed aside the votes for those vendors we feel rank above and beyond for outstanding service and noted them as such by designating them with a check mark. We have worked with these vendors and were very impressed with their skill and service. 


Q: Why do certain categories only have lists with contact information and no reviews? 

A: The same criteria, including score, were used to select these vendors, but overall we found that the review information wasn't essential in these catergories. 


Q: What categories are listed on the survey? 

A: Every category listed in the survey was reflected within the magazine. These categories include: bridal salons, cake bakers, event/wedding planners, florists, musicians, photographers, reception venues, transportation, and videographers. In the future, we hope to include even more categories such as stationers, dance lessons, and others! 

Q: What markets are covered? 

A: Here's the final list of all of the markets included in this year's issue: 

New York and New Jersey: the best of New York City, Long Island, Hudson Valley, and New Jersey 

New England: the best of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island 

The Mid-Atlantic: the best of Baltimore; Washington, DC, Metro; Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh 

Florida and the Southeast: the best of North, Central, South & West Coast Florida; Georgia; North Carolina; and South Carolina 

The Midwest: the best of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago 

The Upper Midwest: the best of, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin 

Texas and the Southwest: the best of Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada 

The West Coast: the best of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Northern California, Central California, and Seattle


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why wasn't my location included? 

A: We choose locations based on a series of factors including the number of weddings that take place there each year. Therefore, these regions may change in the future. 


Q: I want a copy! Where can I find it? 

A: The Knot Best of Weddings hit newsstands on March 31, 2008. Look for it at your nearest Barnes and Noble, Borders, or other local bookstore. Can't wait? Snag a copy online from 


Q: Will the results be posted online? 

A: No, they won't. The only way for you to find out who brides recommend is from the magazine. 


Q: Will the survey results and quotes above and beyond what is printed in the magazine be available to the public? 

A: The only data that will be made public is what you see in print. 


Q: I'm a vendor who was ranked. How can I market this? 

A: If you haven't received our official mailing, please call our customer service line at (888) 625-1231. They'll make sure our packet with all the details on how to use this promotion is sent out to you right away. 


Q: I'm a vendor who wasn't ranked this year. How can I be featured in the next issue? 

A: Make sure you tell your clients to check out the survey! Keep checking your inbox for an announcement from us notifying you when the next survey is up and running.


Already married and can't wait to rate your own vendors?

Keep checking your inbox for a login -- we'll automatically notify you when the survey is ready.


Not married yet?

Pick up the current copy of the magazine and take our survey after your wedding day to let other brides know how your vendors stacked up! For any other inquires, including those from featured vendors, please call our customer service line at (888) 625-1231 or email us at 


Please note: We've made every effort to print accurate and current information in The Knot Best of Weddings magazine, but please let us know if your company's listing is wrong or outdated. The Knot will address factual concerns only. Reviews and ratings are determined by survey submissions and editorial selections.




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