Budget Planning: The Key To A Successful Wedding Ceremony

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A wedding celebration is one of the most important events in a person's life. Owing to the fact that it celebrates the beginning of a new phase of life, everything regarding a wedding ceremony needs to be as near-perfect as possible. This involves systematic planning. The most important factor for the proper execution of the wedding ceremony plan is determining the budget.

Several aspects have to be looked into while planning a wedding celebration. Some of the most important aspects being the invitation cards, the church / house of prayer, reception hall, decoration, dress, flowers, menu, photography/ videography and music. Although most people would like to hire a wedding planner, budgetary constraints does not allow such extravagance. 

Most importantly, the planning has to start well in advance. An event of this magnitude needs thorough planning and is time-consuming.

oDetermine the estimate of the budget. Despite all the planning, some last minute expense is bound to crop up, so keep 25%-30% of the estimate as extra because however much you reign in your expenses, you will eventually cross the margin by one-third of the budget. If your estimate is about $18000 then keep $21000 in hand. 

oAlways keep a written account of the budget. Make a journal for this purpose.

oFinalize the contributors: is it the couple or their families or both contributing to the expense?

oCategorize the prospective purchase items as 'basic/ essential' and 'superfluous' because chances are that you may get emotional and end up buying more items than are actually required, thereby overstepping the budget.

oAlways browse all the available options before deciding on one. For instance, before buying the wedding gown, check the stock in the stores, look up magazines for the latest designs, surf the internet, look for discount sales schemes, see whether you can get it tailored or whether you can put the attire together through mix-n-match. 

oIf you have a shoe-string budget, then you'll have to keep to the 'basic/ essential' items and think of possible ways of cutting costs. For instance, if you have a large backyard, then you could use it as the venue for the reception party, thereby, saving on the cost to take a venue on rent.

oThe decoration is another major expenditure. Florists and decorators make big money out of wedding celebrations, so check the prices at all the florists' and decorators' in the neighborhood before deciding on one. 

oYou have to make advance bookings at almost all the places. From the reception hall, to the hotel, decoration, flowers, the menu, photography/ videography and music and so on. 

oThe honeymoon destination has to be selected keeping the budget in mind.

Most importantly, this event is an event one cherishes throughout one's life, so do not forget to give the personal touches to the event by giving the couple a surprise gift or by saying personalized prayers and singing self-composed songs. So make sure that the wedding ceremony, regardless of its being extravagant or simple, is an event of tremendous joy and pleasure because "there are some things money can't buy".

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