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Firstly, let me show you some links to budget weddings on the blog, i want to do this so you can see for yourself you can have a gorgeous budget wedding…

♥ One of my favourite weddings i have featured on {www} was Gemma and Dan’s DIY homespun farm wedding, with a budget of £3000. It is gorgeous, packed full of details. Gemma has provided a very thorough report on the day and how they planned it. Thinking outside of the box is key, with a free reception space and plenty of DIY details to cut costs. Budget needn’t be lacklustre and this amazing couple prove that.

♥ Dave and Karen’s Beautiful. Budget. Wedding. was another gorgeous day. The couple had a budget of £1000 would you believe!!?? It was a small affair with a focus on love. Karen looks beautifully boho and her dress was from the high street, but you’d never guess.

♥ This Jenny Packham bride cut costs by buying her dream dress second hand, drafting in relatives to help and making lots of the wedding details herself.

♥ Emily and Jeremy had a gorgeous fresh countryside wedding, but had their reception at their local village hall. It was gorgeous, and undoubtly saved them some £‘s. Look for village halls with character, open space or newly built ones in your area.

Now don’t get me wrong a budget wedding is not an easy option, you will have to do a lot of work to save money. But it will be so worth it in the end, and the sense of pride you will have in knowing you created your day alone will be amazing.

All images below are from the above weddings :-)

Now lets take a look at the details a little closer and let me share my top budget saving tips…

The venue is one of the biggest expenses of the day, if you include food and drink. You can get package deals that do everything for you but it may cost a lot. To save money think outside of the box. Track down beautiful buildings, those that aren’t advertised as ‘wedding venue’s’, museums, libraries, village or town halls, a piece of land for a marquee or a party in your garden.

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