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The mainstream of the Korean wedding:

 1. There are two current major types: Firstly, use the classic light, the composition to be rigorous, the picture only beautiful tradition nuptial dress illuminates. Secondly, the drawing close to life’s fresh brilliant plot nuptial dress illuminates. 

2. The essence of Korean wedding theme: Korea’s dress lies in the grave, gentle wedding and concise.

3. The use of light: the key is fastidious to the optical fiber utilization and to the character charm portray. Realize that people focus on the essence, gas, god, image refinement, focusing on the performance of the character and manner, screen fine, and engaging. Generally uses the multi-lamp lighting. Highlighting the character face’s brightness as well as to character outline outlining, and the character model stereoscopic effect and the picture sense of space are the keys.

The points of Korean wedding photography

1 the background:

The classic style often chooses gradual changing colors and patterns of simple but elegant wallpaper or tie-dye cloth like coffee, such as brown, lavender, etc. as the background. Natural style is more selection background or copy of digital background scene. Background color is often bright.

2 Posture: in the static beauty, inside collect finally refined, elegant pose on the feeling, like a hair and skirt to swing.

3 Makeup: delicate nature Korean unification with the color makeup is best, not too thick makeup face. Three kinds of color makeup can decorate the pink impression about the three-dimensional shape, smiling face. Korean model characteristics are mainly embodied in the head on model.

4 tonal picture: high-profile and low-key. High-profile picture is given priority to with white, low-key in brown. 

5 clothing: usually choosing gauze hang feeling good (smooth lines), fashions (color, design is simple and ancient palace 48) or (delicate fastidious). The traditional Korean wedding is mainly installed special waist, chest constrictive, bosom, which are suitable for natural cover women figure defects. Now the Korean photography studio favor is costly, gauze fabrics with pearl, but the style diamond is not complex, with a long tail best. 

6 use of light: The use of the light and the verve of people are particularly exquisite. In general, the emphasis are modifying lamp light on the face and the character of the outline of the outline of characters and the stereo feeling and character model picture space.

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