Fashionable Korean wedding photos(2)

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Korean wedding style:

1 classic traditional style: the bedroom is more complex, emphasizing the characters in light of the stereo feeling. Model and the scene is very concise

2 fashion and restoring ancient style: bold attempt contrast, various seemingly disparate styles together. Filming the light intensity, so weak, color change is big, easy control of the depth of field.

3 elegantly simple style: Using digital background and different nuptial dress formal clothes confuses falsehood with the truth, by elegantly simple tone primarily, performance graceful, pure sentiment and delightful feeling.

 4 high-sounding talk enjoyable style: The high-sounding talk is enjoyable and romantic. The picture must let the view feel from the picture to mood delaying and the joyful esthetic sense.

 Korean bride modeling

Korean style wedding photos are fresh and elegant style, relaxed people, leading this year’s wedding photography trend. Daily life scenes, warm atmosphere, the outpouring of happiness are the kind of focus according to creators, the Korean wedding-style main features.

So what characteristics of Korean style bride?

1 the simple clothing 

Wedding should choose simple styles, fabrics feel better than hanging. The surface covered with a layer of tulle skirt, so light can make even more soft and beautiful bride.

2 clean makeup face

Face makeup should not be too thick. To highlight the texture of skin, pearl powder can emphasize T zone and reflective triangle sense. Foundation must be fight thin, smear a small amount of lip gloss lip. Focusing on eyebrow makeup face eyes, eyebrows, and eyeliner and eyelash should be strengthened grooming.

3 Hair: hair changing, according to the bride’s face to determine the overall mix of styles, but not monotone simple, elegant and atmospheric, with a certain level of sense or line.

Head decorations: hair with all kinds of commonly used veil, shy delicate crown, flower-shaped hair ornament, bead classes, such as small hairpin crystal class. In addition to the veil, other accessories to the appropriate use of small area decorated mainly in saving the whole hair style simple, the atmosphere at the same time, interspersed by small accessories to enhance the hair’s layered, rich feel and stylish.

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