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In this modern age, there are no hard and fast rules about what brides should adhere to when it comes to their wedding flowers. Bouquets now come in a multitude of colours and flowers which help to reflect a woman's style and personality.Remember that a bouquet is an accessory, so do not pick a bouquet that will distract your guests. Your flowers should complement your wedding gown and you.

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Many weddings will see a matching flower from the bride's bouquet placed on the groom's lapel. Your bridesmaids do not have to carry the same bouquet as you. For a modern twist, why not have each of your bridemaids carry a different bouquet, but have them all tied up with matching ribbon.

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  • An increasing alternative to real flowers are silk ones. These flowers will last a lifetime and are generally cheaper than the real thing, but still look fantastic.
  • Your flowers can be used more than once on the day! Use your ceremony arrangements as centrepieces for your reception.
  • Where possible try to select flowers that are in season as this will help to save you money. A note to remember is that flowers are usually in higher demand during special occasions such as Valentine's or Mother's Day. Try to avoid these dates and you will be surprised how much you can save.
  • Centrepieces do not always have to be flowers. You can still achieve a classic, elegant look by using candles, potted flowers or even plants. This will allow you to have lush foliage without breaking the bank.
  • Instead of having a bouquet of expensive flowers, consider using cheaper plants and foliage to fill out your bouquet. Try using ivy or baby's breath. You will have a cheaper bouquet that still looks fantastic.
  • Your bridesmaid's can each carry a single flower instead of a bouquet. This will not only save you money, but can make a simple and elegant statement.
  • If your wedding is in a garden, take advantage of the flowers and greenery already surrounding you
  • Don't overlook smaller and independent florists as they will often charge less than big chain stores.

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