Four Ways to Treat your Bridesmaids

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In the weeks leading up to your wedding, your bridesmaids will be your main support system. They’ll help you make favors, dress shop, and more, often dealing with your bridezilla-prone stressful moods. Why not do something nice for the ladies who are helping you plan the most important day of your life? Here are four great activities you can do together:

A DAY AT THE SPA: Most spas have wedding party packages that are actually quite affordable. You can schedule massages after along day of shopping and planning together to help everyone relax, despite arguments during the day.

WINE TASTING: Most states have wineries, restaurants, or wine shops that offer wine tasting packages – you don’t have to live in the Napa Valley. Wine tasting together can be tons of fun, and if you live in a wine region, you can even consider renting a limo and doing a tour of a number of wineries in the area.

A WEEKEND AT THE BEACH: If you’re within driving distance of a beach, you can actually spend a weekend there for a very low price, since your main form of activity, spending time in the sand and waves, is free. Book a suite for the weekend and invite the girls for a getaway.

CAMPING: If you and your friends love the outdoors, why not plan a camping trip together? For less than $100, you can rent a tent site, and spend the weekend hiking through the woods and exploring nature. This kind of trip isn’t for every girl, but it might be perfect for your bridesmaids if you’re not really spa people.

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