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With all the money you and your bridal party are spending on your wedding attire, the last thing you need to do is shell out hundreds of dollars for jewelry. Creating your own jewelry is not only affordable, but also guarantees that you'll have a one-of-a-kind look on your wedding day. Handmade accessories are also an ideal bridesmaid gift. Every time your bridesmaids wear their creations, they'll think of you.

  1. Headbands

    • Headbands can be worn by any woman with any hairstyle so the entire bridal party, including flower girls, can wear one. A headband may also be worn by the bride if you're skipping a veil but still want to make your hair look fancy. Buy plain headbands from a craft store and wrap them with ribbon, gluing the ends in place. Glue on small beads or attach a single fake flower to one side of each headband. Press the stem against the top of the band and wrap another layer of ribbon around it to secure the flower in place.


    • Even if you were a champion at making daisy necklaces in third grade, making a necklace suitable for a wedding may seem intimidating. It's actually quite simple to make your own necklaces with a little help from the craft store. String a pendant onto a length of wire and string beads or pearls onto each end of the necklace. To make personalized necklaces for the bridal party, use a pendant in the shape of each woman's first initial. Tie the ends of the necklace into a bow. Thin ribbon may also be used in place of wire to add more color to your wedding ensemble.


    • Pins can be worn by any female wedding participant. The bride and bridesmaids can attach them to their dresses or bouquets, or the mothers of the bride and groom can wear them to signify their honored roles in the wedding. To make fake flower pins, sew the underside of a fabric flower to a brooch clip, available in fabric stores. For sparkling pins, glue sequins and beads to a plain round silver pin. The right pin makes your store-bought dress a personalized creation.


    • Combs can be used to keep hair in place or to add some sparkle and color to an updo. These combs are also ideal accessories for flower girls who are too young to get their hair done. Buy plain combs from a craft or beauty supply store and decorate them with flowers or beads. The teeth of the comb will be under the hair, so they don't need to be decorated. Attach beads with glue or use floral wire to attach a flower stem to the comb. Fake flowers will work, but you may also attach real flowers. Don't attach them to the combs until the day of the wedding so flowers don't wilt.

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