How to arrange your own bridal bouquet

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There are as many possibilities for a bridal bouquet as there are types and combinations of flowers. These suggestions will help you create a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet that can be preserved and cherished for years to come. Use these steps to create the bridesmaid bouquets and the bouquet the bride tosses as well.












·         STEP 1: Do some research and plan ahead. Look through bridal and floral magazines and books for information on different types of flowers and ideas for bouquets. The Internet is a wonderful resource.





·         STEP 2: Choose flowers that will complement both the wedding colors and any other floral arrangements planned. Incorporate the bride's favorite flowers, if any, into the bouquet as well.





·         STEP 3: Consult with a florist about the availability of the chosen flowers, and order the flowers well in advance of the wedding. Also order filler flowers and greenery in advance.





·         STEP 4: Use a purchased bouquet holder. Bouquet holders are usually made of white plastic, are cone-shaped and have an attached handle. They come with floral foam already inserted into the cone.





·         STEP 5: Place the bouquet holder upside down on the surface of a large bowl of water. Hold on to the handle and let the holder gradually sink to the bottom of the bowl. This will saturate the foam. Remove the bouquet holder from the water and dry the exterior.





·         STEP 6: Begin the placement of the flowers, greenery and filler items at the bottom of the bouquet holder and work your way up.





·         STEP 7: Hold each flower and stemmed piece up to the arrangement before you cut the stem. Determine how much of the stem you'd like to have above the foam, and then cut the stem 1 1/2 to 2 inches below that point.





·         STEP 8: Cut each stem at a very sharp angle and insert it 1 1/2 to 2 inches into the foam. If you want to rearrange an inserted flower, remove the flower, cut the stem once more and reinsert it in a different spot in the foam.





·         STEP 9: Create a cascade effect by inserting various lengths of greenery such as ivy or fern at the bottom of the bouquet holder. Trim as needed for a symmetrical look.





·         STEP 10: Add a bow at the point where the handle of the bouquet holder joins the cone portion. Use a 2-inch-wide silk or satin ribbon in a color that complements the wedding colors. Add a pearl spray or two as well.





·         STEP 11: See "How to Preserve a Wedding Bouquet," under Related eHows, for information on having your wedding bouquet professionally preserved, as well as some suggestions for doing it yourself.






Tips & Warnings


  • Make a note of the types and numbers of flowers used in bouquet samples that you come across. This will help you gauge the number of flowers needed for your own arrangement.


  • Order extra flowers in case you find that you need more than anticipated. Add extra flowers to the bridesmaid bouquets or wedding corsages.


  • Look for bouquet holders at floral supply and craft stores. Some holders come with a lace collar that fits underneath the cone portion of the holder.


  • Arrange flowers in the floral foam immediately after saturation. Once the foam has been saturated and then dried out, it's no longer usable.


  • Incorporate items such as baby's breath, heather and fern into your arrangement. Both dried and fresh stems need to be cut and inserted the same way as the flowers.


  • Assemble the bouquet as close to the wedding day as possible. This will help to ensure that the bouquet remains fresh. Keep the bouquet moist and cool until it's ready to be used.


  • Keep your hands protected from thorns by wearing gardening gloves.

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