How to Have Bridal Alterations Done on a Budget

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Bridal alterations are often an unexpectedly expensive addition to the cost of a wedding. Many people are not aware of the significant costs of having tailoring and embellishing work done to wedding gowns. If you are working with a tight budget for your wedding, there are some simple tips you will want to keep in mind as you choose and alter your gown.


    • Order your wedding gown according to your largest measurement on a dress-sizing chart. It is significantly more expensive to let out a dress and make it larger than it is to take one in and make it smaller. Therefore, it is always best to err on the side of ordering the dress larger than you will need it, just in case you gain weight in the months leading up to the wedding.

    • Start with a simple dress design with few embellishments, saving money on costly design work. The most expensive dresses tend to be those that have elaborate beading, sequins or other design elements. If desired, you can add your own decorations to the dress, using inexpensive items like ribbons and flowers, at a much lower cost.

    • Wear a white party or prom dress as your wedding gown if you are having a less formal wedding. Department stores often sell white dresses, especially during the spring and summer months, that are not necessarily designed to be worn at weddings but are still beautiful and elegant. These dresses will generally be much less expensive than a wedding gown and do not usually require nearly as many alterations.

    • Contact job-placement offices at local fashion design schools to see whether they have any students looking for alteration work. Fashion students are generally interested in getting experience doing alterations, especially if they are considering careers in bridal design, and they may even be willing to work for free. Offer to allow the student to photograph you after the alterations are complete to get a sample for his portfolio.

    • Avoid costly rush alterations by scheduling your fittings several weeks before your wedding date. Additional fees related to rushing alterations may end up costing almost double the original estimate. Therefore, it is extremely important to allow plenty of time for several rounds of alterations.


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