Making Bridesmaid Gifts Extra Special

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When you choose a personalized tote bag as a bridesmaids gift then you may think that it needs something else to really make it a great gift. Sure, opening up a personalized tote bag is great, but if the bag were filled with necessary items for the wedding weekend or even your bridesmaids’ favorite items then it would be even more special. A personalized silver necklace is a wonderful bridesmaid gift and one that will last each bridesmaid for years. However, you may choose to make it super special to show your girlfriends just how appreciative you are for their love and support throughout your engagement.
One idea is to come up with a special theme for each bridesmaid to complement each one’s personality. For example, you could buy spa items for one bridesmaid while buying gym items for another. This might include buying slippers and a robe as well as some great massage oils and lotions. For the gym personalized tote bag you could add some work clothes, an MP3 player, and some sports drinks. This is just a way to make the personalized tote bag a little more personal!
Another idea that you could use is to stuff the personalized tote bag with an apron and cookbooks as well as cool spatulas and cooking supplies for the chef. The gardener bridesmaid would love some gardening tools, books on gardening, and plant seeds. The coffee drinker would benefit from some nice travel mugs, a coffee grinder, and some really nice organic coffee beans. If you are still looking for ideas for each personalized bridesmaid gift then you could think even more about your bridesmaids and what they like. A bridesmaid really into fashion might have a book on makeup application, a trendy key fob, fashion forward literature, and a small travel makeup kit from a top designer. The bridesmaid who loves literature could have her personalized tote bag filled with books, books on tape, and even some tickets to the theatre!
As you can see there is no end in sight to creating a personalized tote bag that is personalized inside and out for each bridesmaid. Sure, the cost will be a bit more expensive by doing this, but you will make the gift even more special and more memorable than if you had not spent the extra money. In addition, it will really make your bridesmaids feel good because they will know how much time an effort you put into creating each and every personalized tote bag.

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