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The key to a successful stress-free wedding is to plan, plan and plan some more! 


These simple tips will help you minimise those things that can go wrong:


Get Started! 


Start planning as soon as you've said YES!  You'll get the suppliers that you want on the date that you want. Get as much done in the first few months, so you can relax as your special day approaches.


Should something unforeseen happen (for example the Italian designer shoes you ordered from overseas are delayed or the celebrant you chose is no longer available), you'll have plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.



Use your free Brides Of Adelaide Magazine's Online Wedding Planning Tools


Once you have decided on a wedding date, use the free Brides Of Adelaide Magazine's wedding planning tools to manage your wedding tasks and to set email reminders (in case you forget). 



Work Together


The best way to get things done is for both of you to work together through during the wedding planning process. 


Print the list of Brides Of Adelaide Magazine's wedding tasks and divide them up between the two of you.   Don't forget to communicate and share the details (so that you are not both calling the same photographer).


Getting your man involved will make him feel that he also has an important part to play in the wedding - something he helped create, not something he just turned up for. 


Be flexible - each of you will want different things. Give each other the chance to put forward their ideas and give them consideration.  Be willing to compromise.



Details, Details & More Details


Be sure to clarify and re-clarify all the details and your expectations when negotiating with wedding suppliers.  Get everything in writing and make sure you read the fine print on every page of every contract, before you sign.


Ask if there is a 'cooling off' period or 'cancellation period' and what are the costs involved should you change your mind or just in case something unforeseen happens.

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