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When I first began Officiating Wedding Ceremonies I quickly realized that couples who were having a non denominational, civil or even a basic church Ceremony are offered only one or maybe two out of the book, fill in the blanks with the Bride and Groom s names, canned, repeated Ceremonies. Some Officiates may offer limited personalization, alterations and additions. Keep in mind that the Officiant is the main witness of you agreeing to be husband and wife, THE WORDS SHOULD AND CAN BE WHAT YOU WANT. The bottom line is that you should EASILY be able to compile the Ceremony that you want, print it and hand it to your Officiant/Minister/Judge/Justice of the Peace and say: Here, read this .

Another problem I ran into is what I call cookie cutter or the easy repeated way to perform a Ceremony. As guests, we attend a Ceremony, sit in our chair and all of a sudden, without notice, there is the Officiant, the Groom and his entourage up front. How rude and surprising to the guests! I firmly believe that the Officiant should do some sort of a Welcome to your guests along with any needed announcements and instructions including the turning off of cellular telephones to set up what should be set up as a warm loving time.

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