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Get Married sat down with boudoir photography expert Danielle Biel of Skye Blu Photography to find out exactly what all the hype is about. You might be surprised at what we uncovered.  

GM: What exactly is boudoir photography?

SB: Boudoir photography is the beauty of your curves and sensuality on film. It can be as conservative as fully clothed but photographed in a sexy way or it can be nudity photographed in a pretty way but nothing to overly sexual. The art form has really become popular again because it makes the bride feel beautiful. It’s an incredible time in your life and to be able to celebrate that and to give your groom such an intimate, personal, beautiful gift of yourself is something that they really love. 

GM: What should you consider when planning your shoot?

When having a boudoir session, I think it’s really nice to go away from the home. It’s a way to escape, go to an actual boudoir studio so you can go in and feel the beauty and the furniture and the props and the backdrops. Just somewhere where you’re away from you everyday scene so you can really embrace that sexiness inside of you.  It’s really nice to have a great bed as your backdrop; some crisp, clean white sheets that you can wrap yourself in, or an old vintage sofa or vintage chair is really pretty up against your skin. Something as simple as a white wall and hard wood floors is very beautiful or a window with nice lighting. If you’re not going to an actual boudoir studio it’s fun to look for a hotel that coincides with your personal style. You don’t need a lot of space, just really good lighting.

GM: What should you bring to the shoot?

SB: If you’re going shopping to look for new items, new lingerie, I think it’s really nice to buy a nice pair of panties - just something simple that you feel great in. I think no matter what the trend that’s out there is, if it doesn’t match your body style then skip it.  Go with things that complement your shape because bottom line, that’s what you’re going to feel best in.  But it is still nice to have a variety of cuts and styles because you don’t know what you will feel best in when your there.

I think it’s also fun to bring in a pair of high heels just because that heel looks nice in silhouettes - it’s a nice finishing touch. It’s also really nice to bring the wedding shoes in because its showing them in a unique way - wrapped up in a sheet in just the shoes is really sexy. Women also bring in there veils and wrap themselves up in the veil, kind of peeking through showing a little skin - it’s really nice.  But you also want to show off that engagement ring, especially if it’s a gift for the groom; so have it all nice and shiny when you arrive. 

Props can also be a lot of fun. I have had clients come in with boas and hats. I think it’s also nice to bring in something that belongs to the groom. I always ask my clients to bring in something from his hobby. I have had people bring in baseball bats just for a comic appeal; things that make the photos unique, but can be interpreted in a sexy way.

What ways can a bride use the photos?

SB: Most women choose to take boudoir photos to give as a gift to the groom.  It’s often given on the morning of the wedding or the night before when they know they’re not going to see each other that night. The photos can also be given on the honeymoon night if the bride wants to be there when he opens it.  Often times a maid of honor or best man will put the album in the honeymoon suite and cover it with rose petals.  That way, when the couple goes to their room that night, it’s there waiting for them to uncover together.  It’s up to the bride how she wants to present it, but it makes a really special groom’s gift. 

The photos also make a good gift for the one-year anniversary. The first year is paper so it’s fitting since a photograph is technically paper.  Make it a surprise for him.

What formats are available for printing?

SB: There are different ways to deliver the prints to the groom. I’ve seen them as an actual album; I have also seen some individual prints in a proof book. I give it in a red album so it has that cute red flirty appeal. But I have also seen brides give it as an enlargement or have coffee table books made. Some brides make scrapbooks - you can incorporate your own style with whatever you make.

GM: Can boudoir photos be more than just a gift for the groom?

Many brides choose to do boudoir photography because of the way it makes them feel and they know there groom will appreciate it.  It can actually boost confidence for the bride.  I’ve heard from past clients that it is actually good for the relationship because it boosts that confidence and gives you that special bond together.  It is one thing to look at the women in a magazine but it’s another thing to see the women you love in such a special way. Knowing she did it just for you.

Another advantage to having boudoir photographs done is down the road you will have children and your body will change and it’s nice to look back and say, "This is me, I'm hot stuff!"  It’s fun to see yourself in this way.

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