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Find your wedding cake inspiration by searching through the gallery of cake images on WeddingChannel.com, bridal magazines, and vendor online listings to find detailed images of potential cakes. Check out what celebrities served at their receptions and don’t forget to look beyond the traditional wedding cake. Some of the best ideas and techniques come from other cake categories, such as birthday and holiday cakes. If you see something you really love or an idea that pops out at you, tear the sheet out of your magazine or print the image from your computer. Put them into a notebook so you can show your cake designer your favorite looks.

For color, theme, and texture ideas, brides are taking their cues from elements such as gown embroidery, china patterns, latticework, and gift wrap. You can also incorporate your overall theme into your cake. For example, a seaside wedding may feature a cake covered in blue fondant and decorated with seashells and starfish. For floral concepts, match the color of your wedding caketo your bouquet and incorporate fresh flowers along the sides or as a topper. You never know when inspiration may strike, so be on the lookout for beautiful ideas in your everyday life


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