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Why is it that we never see articles in magazines and online about DIY wedding dresses? Maybe because most people don't know how to sew well enough to make one? Or maybe because wedding magazines exist to sell advertising space to dress manufacturers?

I'd go for the second option. When you read a wedding magazine there are always a lot of articles about everything other than dresses. The only thing they write about the dress is about which style is good for your astrological sign, or whatever other angle they want to take this month. You'll never see an article about wedding dress resale shops, or about ways to get a cheaper version of the expensive gowns unless the dresses they're recommending are from another one of their advertisers.

It's like I tell my kids...Television doesn't exist for your benefit. It exists to sell commercials and make money for the networks. In the same way, wedding magazines don't exist for the benefit of the bride, they exist to sell advertising space and make money for the publisher. When you read an article about cakes, remember that it was most likely written by someone who's not a baker, and who has done their research by talking to one or two people and copying things they found in other magazines and online. There's a lot of bad information that gets passed around from source to source, and it gets repeated so many times it eventually is accepted as being true. It's not only about cakes, either. I hear from other professionals that they have the same complaints.

So just consider the source, and then go ask someone who really knows what goes on. You don't want to get information from your florist about cakes, you don't want to get information from your baker about limos, and you don't want to get information from a wedding magazine about much.

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